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Let's make you a pro at breathing 2

If you just got here, please go at the first part of this article as there is a prerequisite in order to do these exercises.

Welcome back :)

How was this week? Did you notice any differences in your body?

By now, if you have done everything as you should, there should be some noticeable differences. Let me know in a comment.

Lets prepare for phase 2.

Again, do your meditation, relax your body, locate your diaphragm.

Now, we will do the opposite of what you learned for a week.

I want you to push air out of your contracted lips ( as if you try to push away a feather) but as you do it, push your diaphragm out.

This is the controlled part of the diaphragm, the one singers use.

If you have learned to breathe naturally, you should be able to control that breathing to your liking.

The problem may be in doing the opposite of what you did for a week

For that reason, you need to NOT inhale before the exercise. Just start with exhaling, lips contracted, a small phhhew, brisk, violent, to push air, while you push/contract your diaphragm.

I know it's not to easy.

But keep at it.

Once you got it, do it 5 times.

This is the reflex singers use when they keep a note for a long time.

Once you have mastered it, add it to your daily routine, and come back after 4 days for the rest :)

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