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Let's make you a pro at breathing

Some exercises need to be shown and experienced physically, but in this time of uncertain future, to share with you the experience I collected over 30 years as a singer/ voice artist and then fascia therapist, is a must. If not for a new career, but to help you relax, breathe better and keep your respiratory system in tip top shape.

I will assume you know nothing, you are a beginner, and therefor, I will break down everything for you.

What you need:

-To not have eaten.

-A bottle of water

-Loose clothes.

-A mirror.

We will start sitting on a chair, knees at a 90 degree angle. Palms on your thighs. Listen to the meditation I made somewhere in this blog, in order for your organs and face muscles to truly relax and be manageable. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to teach your diaphragm new things.

Why the diaphragm?

Because proper, effective full breathing is achieved through the diaphragm. We tend, due to stress, due to clothing, to use only the upper side of our lungs, using our shoulders to inhale, leaving the bottom half of them inactive. When in reality, we need to breathe from the belly. The diaphragm is like a flat balloon, stuck to our lungs, and when it expands or contracts, it pulls the lungs down and air is sucked in, naturally, without effort. And it goes all the way down. We have a deep respiration, and we can notice this, when someone falls asleep. Their breathing change and their diaphragm moves. That is the result we want to have, but consciously and all the time. And then, reverse it.

So start by doing the meditation, it is crucial.

Once you have done it. I want you to put our hand under your heart, where the ribs meet, and laugh. Push in, you will feel that area getting hard. Found it? That is your diaphragm.

Then put your hands behind your back. Two fingers on the side of your spine at the same level. Laugh again. Find the spot that gets hard. That is your diaphragm, again. Finally, put your hands on your side, around the same level.Laugh. Found it?

All this is your diaphragm. And it is the organ we will work with today.

Keep your hand on the front, on your diaphragm, and without moving your shoulders, try to see what it does when you breathe. Normally it should expand a little out. Even if it is just a little.

Try to relax your shoulders and consciously keep your chest inactive.

A good trick is to get up, exhale all the air from your lungs WITHOUT inhaling first ( we all have air trapped there at all times) and once you have exhaled everything with a constant force ( which is contracting your diaphragm if you still have you hand there and pay attention), just release. You will observe your diaphragm taking back its natural space, sucking air in your lungs without effort.

Do this exercise 5 times( less if you get dizzy).

Do this exercise 5 times everyday for a week, and then your diaphragm will be ready for phase 2.

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